Find Your Missing Stuffs Quickly Using Smartphone Tile App

New Smartphone App called the Tile app to Track down Your Missing Keys and filched wallets

I am forever losing my car keys or misplacing my house keys and my wallet needs at least 20 minutes daily since I need to search for it every single day. I also misplace my phone all the time but all I need to do is give a ring and I know where it is. Unfortunately I cannot do the same with keys and wallets. I am sure this is the case with half of the world population with the hectic schedule and work round the clock. Tile has come out with something helpful for just such a situation which combines a smartphone app called the Tile app with miniscule plastic tags which will help you trace lost keys, misplaced wallets, stolen purses and any other odd personal items. The technology also has the ability to create a web of users that could contribute in the finding of stolen items.

Tile app to Track down Your Missing Keys


According to Nick Evans, co-founder of Tile, the app will open the doors to an absolute new way of looking for things that people would never have thought of.

The way the Tile app works is very simple. The Tile tags are little, waterproof plastic squares that are smaller than a sleek traditional USB drive with a key-ring circlet on one end and a two-sided glue band. These bands are modest and fashionable at the same time.

All you need to do is attach your Tile tag to any of your personal items that you keep losing and spend huge amount of time trying to find.

The best part is that if any of these items is ever pinched or missing the Tile app radar sensor will go up in power as you go nearer to your lost item, but you need to be only within 50-150 feet of the Tile tag to locate the item. This radius of 50 to 150 feet might look like a limitation for finding stolen items but it does not work in so much in limitation if you know the exact mechanism in which it works. Suppose someone flicks a purse or a wallet or a cycle or a tab or a laptop with a Tile tag attached to it you can register the item as stolen on your smartphone. Now is the fun part.

Now what happens is that if there is another Tile user in the vicinity of the stolen article their receiver will pick up the signal from the article and inform you about the article’s location.

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